Underworld Ball

April 14, 2011, Posted by Donna at 9:49 pm

Way back before I knew what a meme was or what swag was, we featured City of Bones for our Book of the Month. I instantly fell in love with the series. Fast forward to last summer when Zombies vs. Unicorns dropped into my hands. With Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier’s help (and a little help from Cassie, too), I discovered my inner zombie (and apparently my inner love for unicorns, too, although I will continue to deny that until my dying day).

When I found out that both Cassie AND Holly were going to be in San Francisco of course that meant only one thing – Road Trip! Lindsay and I packed up the car with snacks and all our books and took off.

We got their early enough to help out Maggie with Not Your Mother’s Book Club and all the wonderful people at Books, Inc. get the Underworld Ball set up. In the meantime, I also got to mean the wonderful Ms. Sophie from Mundie Moms!

Shortly before the event, Lindsay and I spent about 30 minutes chatting with Holly and Cassie! I got to treat them with yummy homemade cupcakes!

We gushed over Cassie and Holly and I tried hard to (unsuccessfully) control in my inner fangirl while we asked them lots of questions about their books and their friendship. (I need to take lessons from Lindsay! She totally held it together! At least it was a total repeat of the Host signing in Utah. Amy you would be proud of me!)

One of the things we learned in our interview with Cassie is she is having a whole new set of runes made up for her new books. She surprised me with a gift! I got two charms that when put together make up the Friendship Rune. It is totally made of awesome!  She shared with us how the runes came to be…. She said that even before the books were written, she asked a friend to make the rune designs look like they could be tattoos! You can see the original runes here…. and Cassie tweeted about the new runes.

We also learned that it was really shoes that brought Cassie and Holly together way back in 2002! Since they were both wearing awesome shoes, we could tell their friendship was still going strong!

After our awesome interview, we headed back out to wait for the event to begin. After a very warm welcome from Maggie (NYMBC) the fun began! Holly read two excerpts from her new book Red Glove, one of which was hot and steamy!

Cassie had mostly lost her voice so she picked a super cute young woman from the audience who did an awesome job reading the prologue of Clockwork Prince (and learned several new words)!

Next up was a very informative Q&A! The audience asked lots of really awesome questions. If I get a chance, I will try to post some of the questions and their answers. (Spring Break, here I come!)

Then to wrap things up, Holly hosted the lightning round! 10 super fast questions meant to only have one or two word answers. This went super fast! The only one I can remember anyone asking was what flavor ice cream they liked!

The theme of the night was a masquerade ball and people were invited to come dressed in costumes and boy there were some really amazing costumes! The winners picked by Cassie and Holly each won an Underworld Ball CD.  (click on the link to see the playlists)

The evening wrapped up with Cassie and Holly signing books and visiting with their fans! The took time with each person and personalized books! Cassie asked each person who their favorite character is… that’s like asking us to pick our favorite child you know, Cassie! When I got to Holly, she told me she is convinced that I am in denial and am in fact Team Unicorn… I adamantly deny this. (Team ZOMBIE all the way!)

I am so thankful to Cassie for helping to set up our interview before hand. I am extra thankful to Maggie for allowing Lindsay and I for allowing us to help out at the event! And an extra special shout out to Lindsay for helping me to maintain some self-control and going with me on this awesome road trip!

It was a fantastic night!


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  1. Lindsay says:

    Donna, stop being so hard on yourself. You totally held it together (mostly.) I had a blast, and I’m so happy I got to have one last hoorah with you.

  2. Maryanne says:

    How fun! I am so jealous! I did meet Holly last year at the National Council of Teachers of English convention, but Cassie was sick and couldn’t make it. Holly is so warm and friendly! Lucky, lucky you!

    And, how can anyone have a favorite character of Cassie’s other than the one that starts with J and ends with ace? I love his snarkiness!

  3. AmyO says:

    How fun!! I wish I had been there to see you get fangirly ;)

  4. Donna says:

    I had such a blast!!! It was so much fun! I think I still have a “book signing” hangover several days later! LOL

  5. Janicca says:

    I’m sooo glad that you guys got to go and had a fantastic time even though I am bummed that I didn’t get to go! Thanks for the fun recap and the great pics!

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