BOTW – Take a Bow – Getting to Know Ethan

April 3, 2012, Posted by Donna at 1:52 am

Earlier this year we were invited to participate in the Take a Bow Sneak Peek tour! We got to pick any of the main characters to feature and of course we picked Ethan!

Ethan was the brooding musician who expresses himself through his music and lyrics. Elizabeth describes him as:

“Ethan Quinn is the most complicated character I’ve ever written, and not just because he’s a boy. Ethan is a musical genius, but he’s also pretty self-destructive. It’s not like he wants to mess up things that are going on in his life, he just gets in his own way a lot.” ~Elizabeth Eulberg, Take a Bow Sneak Peek

Find out more about Elizabeth’s challenges in writing Ethan’s character and also read an excerpt from Take a Bow written from Ethan’s perspective. It will really give you a good first look at just how “emo” Ethan is!

Getting to Know Ethan

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