Top 5 Home Invasion Horror Films – Guest blog by Kate Voss

October 31, 2014, Posted by Georgia at 6:30 am

Top 5 Home Invasion Horror films

Everyone likes to get a little scared around Halloween, and there is no better way to ensure a good shiver than by watching a horror movie – especially one that turns your own home into a fright zone. In the simplest terms, a home invasion film is a movie where something horrific, frightening or terrifying enters the home and turns it into a nightmare.

5. Black Christmas: Starring Olivia Hussey, this Canadian-based film creates an invading killer who displays emotional reasoning behind his actions. Unlike many American horror films in today’s society, it is actually the strong female actors that present Billy, the invader, with a higher threat.

Jess (Hussey) joins her sorority sisters during Christmas break on a much needed holiday. Jess is dealing with one of the toughest decisions of her life, deciding whether or not to go through with the abortion of her current pregnancy. Strange calls begin to occur in the home, quickly giving the girls a scare. As two sister’s deaths begin to draw in the police, the remaining sisters have to wonder if it could be too late for them to escape Billy’s terrorization of their beloved sorority and their bonds of sisterhood.

4. Panic Room: Jodie Foster stares alongside Kristen Stewart in a film that transforms a hiding space into a jail cell.

Meg (Foster) and Sarah (Stewart) find a panic room on the tour of their new mansion home. Little do they know that two invaders are seeking a lost fortune hidden inside that very room. The invaders, Burnham and Raoul, plan to only make a quick break in and out of the house in order to steal their desired millions. When Meg and Sarah lock themselves into the panic room, a room so secure that no one can get in, it quickly becomes a game of chess as they duo must decide whether to come out or be stuck waiting for desperate pursuers to find their way in.

3. Wait Until Dark: Audrey Hepburn stars in a film where frightening invaders terrorize a woman in darkness.

Susy (Hepburn) is a recently blinded woman who soon finds a lost doll in her possession. Unknown to Susy or her husband, the doll is actually laced with enough heroin to create a fortune. Three men invade Susy’s house to use her blindness in their favor and steal the doll. The invaders act as if Susy’s husband has been murdered and terrorize her with questions. While two are masquerading as friends and law enforcement, the other searches her home. Only after Susy realizes she is in danger does the true fear come out for both her and her husband. But, within her new world of darkness, will she be able to escape?

2. When a Stranger Calls: Starring Carol Kane, a night of prank calls from an unknown terrorizer quickly becomes an in-home invasion that turns into a fight for life.

Jill (Kane) is all set for a night of easy babysitting, but halfway through the night, she begins receiving strange calls asking if she has checked on the children. Convinced that it is only a prankster trying to frighten her, she attempts to ignore the calls. Only when the caller seems to know where she is in the house does she begin to become worried. A call to the police informs her that the calls are coming from within the house. Jill has to fight to save the children and escape the house before they’re all murdered.

1. Halloween: One of the most watched films during the Halloween season, starring Tony Moran and Jamie Lee Curtis, where a twisted past creates one horrifying Halloween night.

In the year 1963, six-year-old Michael Myers (Moran) stabs his sister Judith to death. He is institutionalized for the next 15 years, somehow escaping the night before Halloween. Michael’s psychiatrist is the only person who has insight into Michael’s possible plans. Michael himself may not know why, but while wearing a frightening white mask, he returns to Haddonfield to terrorize the home he once knew and to finish what he began 15 years earlier.

Nothing creates a howl in the night better than a terror in the home. If you were indifferent about home security systems before, chances are you won’t be after watching these films (maybe you’ll forgo the panic room, though). For the scariest moments, home invasion films will not disappoint! Just lock the doors after the credits roll…


Kate Voss is a blogger and entertainment writer based in Chicago.

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