Book Review/Feature Policy

One of the best features of our site is our ability to support and promote new and existing authors. We also love to discover new authors on our site. We can do this by reviewing books and/or featuring them in Eve’s Book of the Week.

If you are interested in having a book or your book reviewed or featured on our site, please follow the following process.

Book Review vs. Book Feature on Eve’s Book of the Week
We have two ways to support and promote a book on EFG. The most basic way is by reading the book and writing up a review of the book on our site. In some cases, we will want to run a full feature of the book. What this means is the book will appear on the Book of the Week feature, we will blog about it on the main site, and whenever possible we will run a contest and/or an author chat. To determine whether a book is simply reviewed or chosen as a full feature we look at popularity of the series, availability of the book, and general demand for the book to be featured.

Getting a Book Reviewed/Featured
Whether you are an avid reader or an author, we encourage you to contact us! Here are some things to consider.

1. We encourage and welcome requests in any genre and in any reading level.

2. If we accept the review request one of us will read the book and provide an honest review. If it is an unfavorable review, we may choose to limit our review to a blurb about your book. If it is a favorable review, we will write a blurb and also include a recommendation to others to read the book.

3. If the book meets or exceeds our  expectations, we may choose to add it as a featured book on Eve’s Book of the Week.

4. It is really difficult for us to fully feature books that are self-published. We can still do a basic review of a self-published book, but when we feature a book, the expectation is the book would be readily available for purchase or at the library. So, if you have a book recommendation for us which is self-published, please note it may not make it to our Eve’s Book of the Week.

Eve’s Book Club Selection Process
Click on the link to learn more about our Book of the Week selection process.

Submitting a Book Review request
Please send an email to us at  with the following information:

1. Author Name

2. Your name (if you are not the author)

3. Your contact info (email address preferred)

4. Book title

5. Brief synopsis or summary of the book **Without Spoilers!

6. Release date & edition information (hardcover only, hardcover and paperback, etc.)

7. Publisher

8. Are you willing to provide us with a review copy?

9. Any other information you think we need to know about the book

Please be patient, as it may take several processing days before you hear back from us!

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General Book Club email:



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